Best quote ever from a US automaker?

This was in 2006, and I think it says quite a bit about the fundamental problem the US automakers find themselves in.

Upon closing 14 factories, Bill Ford let us in on the new plan: "From now on, our cars will be designed to satisfy the customer, not just fill a factory."

To be fair, Ford seems to being doing the best job of the three. But the admission that customers were the #2 ( or lower) priority until 2006 speaks volumes.

The new winners are not always the old winners.

This is one of the more interesting takes on the music industry I have seen in print, from Topspin CEO Ian Rogers.

It's a reminder that just because the old guard loses, that doesn't mean there is an industry in duress.

Insert whatever industry you want into this paradigm. The US auto industry, typesetters, buggy whips, boxed software, railroads, long distance. The music industry is thriving. It's just that the money is going elsewhere.

My favorite blurb:

"The lamenting we read in the press is not the story of the new music business. Continuing to talk about the health of the music industry on these terms is as if we’d all been crying about the dying cassette business in 1995. The difference is that when we moved from cassette to CD the winners were the same (big companies who owned access to cash, distribution, and marketing) and the definition of winning was the same (more units sold for these big companies)."