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Mike Landman

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The hardest work thing I have ever done – Part II

"We have got to get them to understand that this is important."

Someone said this in a managers meeting once, not too long ago. Well, actually, we had all said it at one point in time over the previous 14 months. About how we – The Managers – needed the get them – The Employees, to do something or other.

"When did they become ‘them’?" someone asked.

My heart actually stopped. I knew right then that something was awry. We were not lean enough. Lean organizations are too busy fighting for The Cause to have a them.

And when I came upon the decision to make a management change (that’s a euphemism for firing your friends) a few weeks later, I knew what Ripple 3.0 had to look like. It had to look like Ripple 1.0.

There is no them.

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  1. Ben Harris

    Ouch… It’s never fun to let go of anyone and especially so when they’re your friends. I’ve got to admit that the few times I’ve had to fire friends, it came about from a situation where I’d been hesitant to bring them on in the first place, but did anyway. Two of these times, despite my concerns that my friends weren’t right for the positions, I gave them a chance because they were in difficult times and repeatedly asked for a shot. Letting friends go who are performing well has got to be even ridiculously tougher. I know Ripple will come out even stronger though. We live and we learn and each day is a step in the process that ultimately moves us forward. Good luck!


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