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Mike Landman

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Ripple [hearts] baristas

Looking for something to do on Thursday nights? Wanna see something you probably haven’t seen before?

Come on out to Octane on Thursday night at 9:00 and watch a barista throwdown. What the hell is a barista throwdown?

Well, this is what baristas do for fun.
They have latte art competitions. With rules. Money goes into a hat, winner takes
all. It’s hard to explain why it would be cool. But it is. So cool that Ripple is the Platinum Sponsor ( the Platinum Sponsor I say!) Here’s a video of an
impromptu one last Friday.

octane latte art throwdown from chemically imbalanced on Vimeo.

See an art form you probably didn’t know existed, have a few beers, and watch the future rock stars, artists, and scientists of this century making the most of their college job.

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