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Mike Landman

Observations On Business. Maybe a Little Preening. And A Few Lessons Learned.

Perhaps Sony could invert the message they are sending?

So, when you buy a new computer, it invariably comes preloaded with trial software, promotional stuff, and generally a whole host of speed-sucking, annoying software pre-installed. This is fondly known as "crapware."

Sony, in their infinite wisdom, has decided to charge you for the luxury of buying a computer that comes free of such detritus.

This is just going to piss people off. When I saw it I shook my head. And I thought, well, that this would be the end of my post. Bad Sony.

But that’s not really fair or realistic. Sony is in business to make money, just like everyone else. And they get paid to preinstall that software. Trail software is a legitimate, if annoying, revenue source.

But the tactic still sucks, and will create bad feelings toward Sony, because the psychology works like this: That is my computer. I am paying $1500
for it. I don’t want you loading it up with paid advertising that I am going to spend precious time uninstalling. How dare you charge me extra to send me my computer the way I want it?!?

So how could they accomplish their goal and not patently piss people off? Create a discount instead of a charge. Knock $50 off of the price of my new laptop if I allow Sony to preinstall the software. Now it feels like a choice – $50 dollars for my time. Now I kind of appreciate Sony for giving me the option.

Who cares? The net result is the same, right? Not really.

It’s not logical I suppose, but "give me the salt,’" and "please pass the salt" invite very different relationships.

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