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Getting more from work

Seth Godin had this post this morning. It’s about getting more from school, work, whatever.

It’s an interesting thing to mull as an employer. People often think that their employer has a plan for them. And while we might well have some sort of a plan, it’s not nearly as fleshed out as it could ( maybe should) be.

So what’s the best way to get more from work? More fulfillment, more experience, or – the real currency of the new economy – more learning experiences?


Initiative is really the only way. Even the best, most well-meaning employer can only give so many opportunities. And in the absence of initiative, I feel like instead of giving someone an opportunity, I am loading them up with work. Because I just don’t know the difference. Maybe you’re excited to help with the newsletter – or maybe you think it’s a drag. Maybe you are dying to grow the company and be a leader! Or maybe you’re looking for more family time. And without initiative… well, I have to be a really good mind-reader. And I think I am about as good at that as any employer. Which is to say – marginal.

So how does one go from waiting, to taking? I think it’s pretty easy actually. You walk into your employer’s office, and say "I have an idea."

Then you volunteer to help make that idea a reality. That’s the hard part.

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