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SanDisk finally vindicates me

2 years ago, I surmised that SanDisk could not make any headway against the iPod, because they we're trying to violate the laws of positioning by challenging the iPod on it's own turf. SanDisk's CEO said it even more succinctly today (albeit 2 years late): "You can't iPod the iPod."

I dunno, I was feeling kind of smug, so I thought I'd write about it. *pats self on back*

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  1. Jon Anderson

    The iPod is firmly entrenched. IMHO, it’s not a “perfect” device, really– it has plenty of technical flaws, but its the marketing that was without flaw. Once it became part of the popular culture in America (and around the world), that was it. MSFT, SD, and others need to refocus their efforts in another direction.

    MSFT should consider putting all their efforts back into their strengths, which was making usable PC OS’s again, and stop falling all over themselves to try and play on the same court as Google and Apple.

    SD should strengthen their enterprise visibility and chase holographic storage as hard as they can. The company that corners that technology will become an enterprise leader.

    Apple? Well, they can just sit back and watch.


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