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Mike Landman

Observations On Business. Maybe a Little Preening. And A Few Lessons Learned.

Real Business Learning

Seth Godin ran an MBA program this year. Not a traditional one, but a valuable one no doubt. His post is long, but the real lesson is this:

"The educational lesson that I found the most striking is that the book knowledge was easy to transmit and not particularly essential. Once you get this far, it's sort of a given that you're good at school. We read more than a hundred books, and the book learning happened quickly . Our culture has done an amazingly good job at teaching talented people how to learn concepts from books.
I taught for five to twenty hours a week, and very little of it was about the books. So, if concepts from books are easy, what’s hard?

Doing it.

Picking up the phone, making the plan, signing the deal. Pushing ‘publish.’ Announcing. Shipping." 

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  1. dryan

    Hey Mike, David Eo Ottawa here, I just read the last book by seth… the dip… a great read…the book is also tiny.

    Doing it, Doing it, Doing it… that’s what I love about forum, meeting people who have the hands in the sauce rather then the one telling how it should be done.

    first time at your blog, I will be back.


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