Props to my advertising friend John Reid


My friend John Reid is in advertising. He took a whole Internets worth of heat when his agency took over the Radio Shack account. They crafted a campaign to help make Radio Shack relevant again, culling its focus, branding it The Shack, etc. It wasn't very popular with the blogosphere, and probably not very popular with hip ad types in general. I certainly had my doubts.

Well, I figured it was time to give John Reid his due advertising praise. The Shack is working, Radio Shack is becoming relevant again, they are selling iPhones, and companies want to buy it.

Well done John Reid.

MLK Encore

Every time I watch this speech I get goosebumps.

I often forget that the namesake section, the "I Have a Dream" section –  of this speech was ad-libbed. It's kind of cool though, you can see it when you watch it. He reads faithfully from his notes for most of it, and at about the 12:00 mark starts to ad lib and search his head for the right words (at times looking quite terrified that he might go blank!). Then he goes back to his prepared text at about 14:45. And so, we get possibly the most iconic 3 minutes of public speech since the Gettysburg Address – from pure emotion.

Best quote ever from a US automaker?

This was in 2006, and I think it says quite a bit about the fundamental problem the US automakers find themselves in.

Upon closing 14 factories, Bill Ford let us in on the new plan: "From now on, our cars will be designed to satisfy the customer, not just fill a factory."

To be fair, Ford seems to being doing the best job of the three. But the admission that customers were the #2 ( or lower) priority until 2006 speaks volumes.