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If You Are Looking For a Wholly Inaccurate Picture of Atlanta

Look no further than this smarmy, inaccurate, and entirely condescending article in The New York Times.

It’s peppered with nifty backhanded insults like this:

"…a city so transient it barely recognizes itself, where more than half the adult population is from somewhere else, and where every urban fad, from underground parking to savory ice cream, is embraced."

In case you, like me, tend to believe what you read in the NYT, I might point out a few inaccuracies. Most of which can probably be explained by the evident fact that our friendly NYT writer almost certainly didn’t visit most of the places she reviews and doesn’t seem overly concerned with "fact checking."

For starters, Piebar is not a sports bar. It’s a trendy pizza concept restaurant. This would be tough to miss if one actually *went* there.

Our writer, and rightfully so, condemns B.E.D. as a lame, gimmicky hotel restaurant. What she fails to mention is that B.E.D. is a restaurant Atlanta imported from…wait for it……wait for it… New York City. Oh, it’s true. It was the scene of an entire Sex and The City episode and everything!

It is the first I have ever heard that it is rare to find a "full bar" in Atlanta. Seems I must have stumbled upon the 900 or so secret ones that we have here.

Really? Young cool people looking for "throwback fun" hang out in the Westin Hotel bar drinking "Atlanta Hurricanes" for $14.95? Are these the same young cool people that hang out in Times Square theme bars?

But I will concede that she is right about one thing: We are deeply embroiled in the "urban fad" of underground parking. We are going to feel just so foolish when there’s a return to the more classic style of above ground parking.

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