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Mike Landman

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Dark, Powerful, Evil.

I wish I could say Kathy Sierra and I were friends. We’re not. We have had some contact, a few emails shared. She owns one of my T-shirts.

But I wish we were friends.

Because Kathy is one of the nicest, smartest, most intuitive people I am aware of. She makes the world a better place. She makes the world a smarter place. She contributes. And if Kathy is silenced, we’ll all be just a little poorer for it.

Kathy has been threatened, the victim of a misogynist.

It’s amazing the power of words. Kathy uses them to make things better. Others use them to silence people like Kathy and spew venom. Like the rest of the civilized blogosphere, I’m outraged and sickened. Overcome with helplessness because there is nothing I can do.

Well, maybe there’s something. Sometimes it’s important just to stand up and say something is wrong. For the record. Even when it’s so obvious. Because being silent is a tiny morsel of tacit approval, and robs us all of another scrap of decency.

Kathy, a lot of people love you and are on your side. Just for the record.


  1. Joey

    There was no threat made to Kathy. The entire thing is a misunderstanding or an intentional hoax which stems from my criticism of her books. I am the “Joey” she is referring to and I ask that you read my reply at her site; assuming she doesn’t delete it.

    I really need trying to stop the lie she is passing around.

  2. Ron E.


    In trying to express my rage and unrest towards these violent events made to Kathy, I created a small graphic called “Zero Violence Blog”. I’ve posted it in my blog hoping people will download the images and include them in a small post relating to freedom of speech, and expressing the support Kathy must be needing today. If you feel like doing so, please head there or ask me and I will e-mail the logos directly to you.

    I hope you are moved enough as to try to express yourselves and do something now, before violence spreads wider into our blogging lives.

    Ron E.


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