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Mike Landman

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A product I love – and how I was influenced into my bias

There are 2 truths that I know of in the world for sure:

  1. The gifts pharmaceuticals sales reps give to doctors influence the prescriptions they write.
  2. I hate voice mail.

Here is how they are connected.

Gifts influence behavior and opinion.

First, for those of you who still hold out some hope that free pens couldn’t possibly move your doctor (not MY doctor!) to favor one drug over another, read Influence. Specifically the chapter on reciprocity. Even seemingly innocuous gifts and perks have a huge impact.

Gifts influence behavior and opinion.

Well, I was recently hipped to a new service by Guy Kawasaki called SpinVox. Guy persuaded them to give away some free accounts and I was lucky enough to be the recipient of one. While SpinVox didn’t  solicit me or this blog directly, you are forewarned. I have been influenced. Don’t trust  me.

Ho. Ly. Crap.

This is the greatest service since vaccination. I am totally hooked and my life is changed. SpinVox intercepts all my cell phone voicemail and converts it to text. Then they either email it or send it via SMS. Sure, I can call in and listen to it if I want to – but I never want to. The transcription is near-perfect, and I get the message within a minute or 2 of the call. It is truly awesome. Go ahead. Call me! Leave me a message. Try to stump it. It’s not easy.

Gifts influence behavior and opinion.

But seriously – wow.


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