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Mike Landman

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Make some change

A gentleman we know, Scott Hampton, wrote a nice post about change. In it, he offers sort of a workplace parallel to the Broken Windows Theory. His words are indeed wise.

Sometimes I use this as an example when I’m at client sites. I tell
them the moral of the story, too: "If you can’t change the little
things in your methods, you’ll never change the big things. Pick
something, make it better. Don’t worry if it is just a little thing. If
you lather, rinse, and repeat that a few times, you will have made a
big difference. BUT if you wait for everyone else to change BEFORE you
will, remember that everyone else is thinking the same thing, and so
nobody will change anything. Don’t wait for permission, or worry about
doing something different, or invent reasons why you don’t have
authority. Somebody has to make the first move. It might as well be
you. Change your world, today."

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