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Mike Landman

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Lose a bet, start a blog

Universal remotes. They don’t work. Oh sure, they can reduce the clutter from 5 to 2, but they just can’t get you all the way there. One remote that controls *everything*? No way. And that is what brought me to you. In the blogosphere.

A week ago, a coworker told me about a remote that he guaranteed could do the trick with almost no effort. Calling "Bullshit!" I explained that I had a new DVR from my cable company, and there was no way it could get that working with all my other stuff. All of my random stuff. 5 remotes worth. No way I said. But my blind optimism trumped my healthy skepticism yet again. So I bought it and 20 minutes later I had one remote. Just one, lonely remote. One remote that replaced 5.

Which led me here. The bet was that if it worked, I would start a blog to sing praises to the Harmony Remote. Amazing.