This one is short, but it’s another rant. Sorry.

I sat in a meeting today. We were the prospect, the buyer, the guest. Off go 5 business professionals into the conference room. 3 were drinking water (the sellers). 2 were sitting in a hot conference room for over an hour with no beverages. Do I need to tell the punchline? No one ever offered us a glass of water! I’m not kidding. But wait. There’s more! At one point the owner of the company left the room and got himself another glass of water! I almost broke down laughing. I honestly started thinking that maybe this was some corporate joke, and everyone was laughing watching us on a webcam somewhere. Of course, it wasn’t. It was just bad manners.

Here’s the thing: Do I even need to say it? Offer folks a drink. Cover your mouth when you sneeze. Wash your hands when you use the bathroom. If you’re reading this, of course you already know these things :)

The lesson? I learned nothing. I knew all of this by the time I was 7, because I wasn’t raised by wolves.

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